Training Beekeeping Practice

One day training workshop on capacity building for  different students from nine universities in Mogadishu

November 19, 2020

One day training workshop on capacity building for  different students from nine universities in Mogadishu such as; Somali National University, Jazeera University , Benadir University, Mogadishu University, Zamzam University, Horseed International University, Darul Hikmah University, Somali International University and Salaam University.

The training was conducted by Somali Natural resources Research Center SONRREC and Jazeera University, the numbers of participants ware 63 students while ten of them were female. Presentation lecture, discussion and field visiting were functionally used through this one day training workshop.  The following mode ware applied in the workshop:  

Lecture and presentation by the trainer

The trainers’ lecture was three sectors using PPT, the end of each section ware applied questions and answers for deeply interaction through discussion.

The training workshop was structured on the basis of three main components:

  • Description of honey bee and colony components.
  • Colony managements and beekeeping equipment.
  • Bee product.

Field visit

All participants went to the field, with succeed fully they observed how to differentiate between queen, workers and drones and also they be trained the lifecycle of each entity of honey bee colony inside the brood comb. Moreover   the participants observed modern bee hive which in common use worldwide; such as the Langstroth hive and all its’ parts.  In addition to that, participants gained the way technically to solve weak colony, through using method of combining two bee colonies into one hive, as they concentrated the following points:

  • They Identified the stronger of the two colonies
  • They Smoked and opened the weaker colony
  • They Smoked and opened the stronger hive
  • They took the hive body from the weak colony and placed it directly on top of the stronger colony's hive