Conservation Journey Program

What is Conservation Journey Program (CJP)? 


 The CJP is an initiative-led SONRREC program to educate local people about nature through a desirable in-field conservation experience based on a conservation journey. This innovative program is packed with biodiversity and eco-tourism. Participants will be captivated by Somalia’s finest conservation sites in a unique way. The places are amazing, and that is where the conservation journey takes place! Participants will gain practical experience in conservation by undertaking Somali conservation activities. A team of 5-10conservation journeyers will join every conservation journey. Participants will learn the necessary skills for working in adverse environments, including tree planting, boating, and wildlife surveys. In the forest, with heavy rain and high temperatures, mosquitoes can be present depending on the season.


What will you be doing?


Participating in practical activities, such as wildlife surveys, tagging, boating, beach profiling, clean-up campaigns, and mangrove planting, will enable travelers to learn about Somali ecosystems, including coasts, rivers, groundwater, deserts, and forests. Participants will also take care of their place of living by performing various tasks. Aside from these tasks, they will have the opportunity to interact with local administrators and learn a few things about the socio-cultural. The sites are like no other – there are clean beaches to enjoy, memorable sunsets, and other activities organized by the program coordinator.


What is the length of the program?


The program’s length depends on the conservation journey type, such as coasts, rivers, deserts, and forests. However, the program length could be between 3 – 7 days.


What will you get out of the program?


·      Hands-on experience and insight into Somalia’s most renowned eco-tourism sites; 

·      Privileged participation in a high-class package that is sure to improve your future conservation career; 

·      Hands-on skills to assess the status of biodiversity;

·      Hands-on skills to determine the human impact on biodiversity and identify ways of preserving biodiversity;

·      Hands-on skills to manage areas critical for national conservation;

·      Ability to apply scientific fieldwork methodology;

·      Familiar and continual interaction with the ecosystem, including land, marine, and native wildlife;

·      Experience of Somali’s ecosystems: coasts, rivers, groundwater, deserts, rocky, wetlands, native forest, hills, and marine environment; 

·      Prospect to cram and possess breathing in primary conditions and step aside urban life;

·      A certificate of participation (SONRREC) is a certified private research and capacity-building institute under the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior of Somalia.


SONRREC will determine the program fee amount, and registration will open once the fee is set. So that you know, your registration will only be confirmed once payment has been made.