Green Peace Initiative (GPI)

Green Peace Initiative (GPI) is local initiatives to preserve biodiversity and combat climate change. The aim of the program is to combine environmental education for local people on importance of natural resource conservation to promote sustainable development.

The program was created to educate youth (high school and university students)  contributing their time and effort to preserve the environmental well-being of their communities. By providing social activities such as Conservation, Protection of the Natural Environment and Environmental Education. We hope to encourage the multiplication of comparable grassroots efforts that will act as catalysts for change across the Africa.

These activities were designed to combine a diverse range of classes, workshops and special events (sports, arts and cultural conservation, tree plantation and conservation journey) it offers participants the opportunity to explore and develop every aspect of their well-being and nature consciousness. The purpose is to use the astonishing environment we have around us and to get the youth interested in nature through a different routes. In this way, the program contributes to improving the governance of conservation processes and thereby enjoys major recognition in the Somali conservation community.

Our research project aims to ensure well-intentioned natural resources exploitation, environmental conservation, and sustainable development schemes to benefit government, donors, implementing organizations and the local communities. We work closely with our partners, conservation organizations, leading research institutions, and other interested parties in designing research frameworks together, directly linked with our core mission and vision.

We welcome everyone from the local and international communities, public and private institutions, and academia to take advantage of our research resources.

Our program focus is based on 5 priority thematic areas.

  • Protection of endangered species
  • Environmental education
  • Conservation of ecosystems
  • Sustainable use of natural resources and socioeconomic development
  • Fight against climate change

Our current and planned projects include:

  • The Sooyaal Garden
  • Connecting people with nature
  • Community Climate Centre for Somalia