January 28, 2021

Every breathing we take is courteousness of the ocean, while the marine species play a vital role in supporting all life on Earth. But every day ocean wildlife face an increasingly urgent threat: humans. In addition, many territorial species including animal and plants has been widely threaten by human influence.  

Ocean and the seas cover nearly three quarters of our earth’s surface. Yet, the remarkable and profuse marine biodiversity of the world’s oceans are collapsing, largely driven by anthropogenic – human-driven – factors. Our National campaigns work determinedly to protect and safeguard vulnerable marine species from unsustainable human activities including industrial fishing, overfishing, plastic pollution and climate change. While many of our species-saving programs require political will and leadership from governments and industry, we are far from powerless. Each and every conservation factor can take bold individual and collective action to help protect and save marine species, and fight for the oceans that sustain all life on Planet.

All six species of sea turtles found in the Somalia are endangered. Sea turtles and other marine wildlife are especially threatened by industrial fishing, climate change, plastic pollution, environmental disasters, and habitat loss. In addition, there are numerous of endangered terrestrial species including deforestation, habitat loss and pouching endangered wildlife.

Therefore, Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) addresses these threats using a conservation toolkit spanning hands-on conversation, community-based habitat restoration, advocacy, environmental policies and regulatory action, grassroots organizing (creating citizen scientists), promotion of both marine and terrestrial wildlife, outreach and volunteerism, and innovative climate change adaptation efforts.

How We Save Marine and Terrestrial Endangered Species

Grassroots Empowerment

With the help of volunteers, students, groups and more and we create citizen science (CS) to improve the scientific community capacity as well as increasing the public’s understanding of science on WHY CONSERVATION MATTERS.

Inspire Consumer Action

Our campaigns help you make healthier seafood choices and raise public awareness about the impacts of single-use plastics in our seafood.

Promoting Sustainable Policies

Our strategic protest and advocacy campaigns impose stronger protections for endangered species and their habitat.

Environmental Education

Our Somali Blue Economy Knowledge Center has a number of activities such as beach cleanups, art installations and more raise awareness on the importance of protecting marine habitats.