June 11, 2020

Research is trying to answer the basic fundamental questions that come to the minds of Students, Scholars, Researchers, and Investigators, trainees or scientists. Somalia has a unique opportunity to lead the next decades waves of investment for its natural resources especial petroleum and minerals, livestock, agriculture, fisheries, water and environment. There is scarcity of scientific research publications about Somali natural resources.

SONRREC’s scientists and researchers believe that Somali’s Natural resources are at the foundation of fundamental economic opportunity and nation well-being. However, without scientific research on natural resources management and development, Somalia could not or has long way to go to utilize its natural resources for economic growth, employment opportunity and country’s well-being.  SONRREC was founded to promote research development to response the lack of research on Somali’s natural resources and to mitigate the long lasting problems to provide consultation services and effective research and training on modern practice of natural resources for environmental sustainability and sustainable development. SONRREC was established to fill the gap in research on natural resources in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery and Marine Resources, Water Resources, Energy, Environment and Resilience and Petroleum sectors in Somalia followed by the International standards and best practices.

We are very committed to conduct an acceptable standard research and promote publications by supporting and encouraging  the scholars, students and researchers to publish highly standard papers and articles which can address the critical issues in Somalia.