Importance of Research in Somalia

October 31, 2016

SONRREC organized and conducted a training workshop on Importance of Research in Somalia to the academic institutions, graduate and non-graduate students, civil society, experts and professionals in the field of natural resources from different disciplines. The training was coordinated successfully by Mohamed Dayib Sh. Abubakar, Sonrrec Chairperson, Mr. Hassan Ali, Deputy Chair and Said Osman Gure, Director of Capacity Building.

The core objective of the workshop was to equip the participants with set of skills and potentiality to undertake the research very effectively in the disciplines of natural resources and to turn completed research into publishable material of high quality in the form of articles, journals and books. This workshop is designed to offer the practical guidelines and direct the researchers through all the stages of research from identifying a research problem to the submission of a dissertation, report writing and research article.

The workshop consists of both presentation and discussions.  By the end programme, participants acknowledged well Sonrrec and its best efforts and confirmed that they understood well how to develop conceptual clarity and practical knowledge to undertake quality research and writing good research papers field-reports and project proposals etc.

The workshop was the first training workshop conducted its kind in Mogadishu focusing mainly higher education institutions. The workshop was attended by 40 participants from the following Universities and some of them are from civil society and other professional entities (see Annex 1)

  1. Somali National University

  2. Benadir University

  3. Jazeera University

  4. Plasma University

  5. Zamzam University

  6. Darul Hikma University

  7. Somali University

Civil Society and other experts