Fight Climate Change

January 28, 2021

Human-driven climate change is a key driver of biodiversity collapse and species extinction — up to one million species may go extinct by the end of the century.

Climate change has landed. Over the past two decades, its impact has imperfect across the globe, taking human life, declines livelihoods, destroying infrastructure, shaking national economies and stressing state economy.

The negative consequences of human-driven climate change will remain to hasten with catastrophic effects: sea continue to rise, flooding and eliminating nesting beaches and foraging habitat for sedimentation of rivers and lakes; eutrophication; habitat loss; decreasing biodiversity.

Somali Natural Resources Research Center is dedicated to acting against the devastating impacts of climate change on vulnerable marine and terrestrial species. SONRREC climate change resiliency strategy is always changing, according to best available science, and is currently two-fold: WE BUILD RESILIENCY to allow marine wildlife to withstand and recover from climate change impacts that are already occurring, and WE FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE SENSELESS POLICY AND ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION that will accelerate the effects of climate change on both marine species and the terrestrial. We can collectively take simple actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate our personal contribution to climate change, and build greater community resiliency to challenge its effects. However, it’s important to stand with SONRREC and other conservation organizations to hold those most responsible for human-driven climate change – governments, fossil fuel industries, plastic manufacturers and other major corporations that benefit from the environmental injustices.

How We Fight Climate Change

Strategic Litigation

Our strategic protest and advocacy campaigns impose stronger protections for endangered species and their habitat.

Hands-On Restoration

We create local nature carbon sinks by planting thousands of native plants and trees.

Action on Climate Change

Green Peace Initiative

There are many aspects of deforestation of trees that make the ideal for taking action on climate change. By planting 100,000 trees in Somalia, we restore ancient tree forests and take action on climate change.