A Text-book of Economic Entomology

May 28, 2020

Economic entomology has direct and indirect role for human economic, genetics, military and nutritional value. Economically most south east Asian countries have early started raring silkworm  as sericulture which they produce thousands tons of silk as of cocoon mad by last instars of Lepidoptera , each country gains millions of dollars per season. On the other hand a quantity of insects has short period of life cycle which makes suitable for applying genetic purpose for instance mutation experiments that caused by natural and anthropogenic impacts for genetic materials of animals specially drosophila insects.

Military engineers had designed modern weapons for case in point helicopters which is mimic some insects’ flying performance for any directions, prototype for that order Odonata. Historically human being had used consuming locust as a food, recently researchers indicated that the protein contents of locust schistocerca gregerea has more nutritional value than that of livestock. Insect pests are dissipated all areas of agro-ecosystem in horn of Africa, where the main factors that organizes is the variation of the climate conditions within the fourth seasons. In addition to that, the crop types available in Somali country is another significant indicator.

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