Ways To Give

Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of our supporters. However you choose to make a donation, your thoughtful gifts allow us to plant a tree, protect an endangered species, and other marine species from extinction and suffering.

1. Adopt an Endangered Species

Protect endangered sea turtles and their eggs by adopting a nest of sea turtle hatchlings for yourself. Your involvement will safeguard nesting beaches and baby sea turtles are safe from predators, poachers and other threats.

All levels include a personalized adoption certificate and other materials about endangered sea turtles. Adoptions have the option to be sent as a gift to an honoree.

Choose an adoption level:

Adopt a Nest ($20) – Adopt a sea turtle by contributing a nest.

Special Adopt a Nest ($35) – Adopt a sea turtle by contributing nest and monitoring activity.

To adopt a sea turtle nesting and monitoring activity please contact us at info@sonrrec.org.

2. Adopt a Tree

Take action on climate change by helping us plant 1,000 tree. Your contribution will remove carbon and restore habitat where tree plantation once grew.

All trees are grown by staff, interns, and volunteers of Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) from locally collected seeds at our native plant nursery in Mogadishu. On top of combating the impacts of climate change, your donation from adopting a tree directly contributes to restoring and protecting critical habitat.

Here it is personalized adoption certificate! Adoptions have the option to be sent as a gift to an honoree, or be sent in memo.

Choose an adoption level:

  • Adopt a tree (One tree – $20) – Certificate of adoption and tree fact sheet.
  • Adopt a Family (Five trees – $100) – Certificate of adoption, GPS location of five trees fact sheet, and invitation to planting events.
  • Adopt a Plantation (Ten trees – $200) – All benefits of Adopt a Family, GPS location of 10 trees, plus one tree to plant at own location.

3. Become a Corporate Partner

Join our corporate giving program to play a major role in advancing the mission of Somali Natural Resources Research Center.

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership

Our corporate social responsibility partners play a major role in advancing our mission to protect terrestrial and marine wildlife, educate young people and involve the community in habitat restoration.

To learn how your business can get involved, email abdulkadir.ziyad@sonrrec.org

4. Become Eco-Ambassador 

You’re already conscious of sea importance to society, you have citizens following your activities, you care about nature and have eco-conscious mind, and share our mission.

Are you interested in making more eco-conscious? As eco-ambassador, you can express your passion for the ecosystem and nature by educating your community through the sharing of images, blog posts, and social media content. Using your platform as an influencer, you can help eco-ambassador a passion for protecting our planet and all of its inhabitants. Are you conscious about using products that are not harmful to our planet and environment? Do you inspire others to get outdoors, respect our planet and watch out for all its inhabitants? We want you on our team!

Being nature conscientious and responsible consumers can make our country a better place. If you agree and want to share that idea with your friends and followers, apply to become our eco-ambassador team. Enjoy exclusive access to our SONRREC programs. In exchange for your support, we’ll promote your professional and environmental endeavors through our social media channels, website and newsletters. Help us educate societies and restore the habitat!

We have different programs based on your influence and desired level of involvement.

If you are interested any specific initiative and want to get involved, check out our event or email to abdulkadir.ziyad@sonrrec.org.

We’re always looking to collaborate with folks who are passionate about the nature mission to #ProtectOurNaturalResources