SONRREC Annual Conference

SONRREC annual conference connects professionals, scholars and academicians and students, industry, government and practitioners of Somalia natural resources. The purposes of SONRREC annual conference are to facilitate communication among Somalia natural resources professionals and natural resources conservationists in academia, industry, government and other relevent areas, to promote dialogue between natural resources professionals on development and sustainable of natural resources for socio-economics development to ensure that any exploitation of natural resources is equitable and environmentally sustainable.

Thematic Focus:

    • Natural resources and development: management for productive and economic sectors (agriculture, fisheries and livestock as well as water, land and energy resources rural and urban systems, and ecosystems
    • Dynamic challenges: climate change and disaster risks
    • Focus: SDG 2030 and other relevant global and regional agendas
    • Guideline principles: problem-based, participatory, inter- and transdisciplinary, solution oriented, collaborative design with stakeholders, policy influencing;
    • Areas: education; research; knowledge transfer and capacity development

Target participants

  • Academics or scholars
  • Researchers
  • National and international research centers
  • Business community
  • Government- natural resources sectors across Somalia
  • Somalis diaspora intellectuals
  • Implementing agencies and donors
  • Civil society organizations and local communities

If you are a professional and interested in Somali natural resources sectors (Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Water, Petroleum & Minerals, and Environment) or related issues living domestic or international, we encourage you to join SONRREC Annual Conference.

SONRREC’s activities, currently including oversight of our annual conference, the “SONRREC Annual Conference”, support of our Board of Directors, establishment of a membership base, and business office, need your financial support in the form of membership dues.

Memberships are sold on an annual basis dues are just $50 (US) for regular members and $30 for students. To join, please read our membership criteria and print out a membership application form. Mail the completed form and payment to the address or number listed below.  Please make the payment  to SONRREC’s account in the form.

Hodan District, Km5

Mogadishu – Somalia
Phone: 1234567890


Members of SONRREC will receive copies of all e-mail and printed announcements related to SONRREC and SONRREC’s Annual Conference materials.