Somali Blue Economy (SOBE)

The “blue economy” concept pursues to support economic growth, social incorporation, and the safeguarding or development of livelihoods while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability of the oceans, coastal areas and other water resources. It is regarded as the combining of socio-economic activities and development from environmental degradation and optimizing the benefits which may be derived from marine resources.

 “Somalia potentially stands to gain the most from a robust and sustainable blue economy,” President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo stated in 2018.

Somalia is advocating the “Blue Economy” as its potential sustainable development model. Currently there is a need to describe, at the least, the areas of what is meant by the Blue Economy for Somalia as it may be all things to everybody.

At SONRREC we are committed that the Somalia’s Blue Economy model must offer a new systematic agenda and a new way of constructing our national blue economy agenda. Therefore, we have established a Somali Blue Economy Center (SOBEC) which will assist in building the content of the Somalia’s Blue Economy model. The centre is headed by …………… an experienced Somali economist who has worked in the developmental and environmental fields in Somalia for over 15 years.

The SOBEC will syndicate the best practices and knowledge from various programs that SONRREC is working in including research, coastal and terrestrial conservation and land restoration, and climate change adaptation, together with contributions from national and international partners. SOBEC will seek funding sources for innovative projects that will stipulate to the component of the Somalia’s Blue Economy Model.

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