Consultancy Services

Social Sustainability

This Manifesto proclaims SONRREC’s belief that by developing, supporting and promoting high quality research, consultant advice, teaching and training in support of Somali food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction and dedicates to promote natural resources and environmental protection and conservation.

This is because innovation and researches are people-centric; they support livelihoods in local communities throughout the world, providing jobs, nutrition, and a model to sustain natural resources and environmental protection as well as conservation. For many communities provide an opportunity to develop a profitable and socially responsible resource exploitation, while supporting employment, food security, traditional cultures and livelihoods.


  • Minimize environmental impacts and promote sustainable exploitation of natural resources;
  • Bring together Academics or scholars, policy makers, researchers, academics, business community Somalis in diaspora intellectuals and NGOs and civil society to debate on practical solutions to Somalia’s natural resource challenges;
  • Acting as a platform for developing home-based evidence-backed research, innovation and policy recommendations for state transformation; and
  • Global initiatives like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasize taking a social sustainability approach to natural resources development and sustainability.


  • Natural resources sustainability needs to be approached in a holistic manner that acknowledges the environmental, social and economic characteristics of sectors and particularly the people involved; and
  • The socio-cultural heritage of local resources sectors must be respected and supported.


  • Act as a center of excellence for the natural resources to advocate on behalf of the communities behind these sectors by delivering high quality research, consultant advice, teaching and trainings;
  • Contribute to a sound understanding of the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of natural resources for evidence-based decision making;
  • Use targeted outreach and direct engagement to educate key stakeholders and decision makers and bridge the information gap between policy makers, scientists, and the investors;
  • Amplify the voice of these sectors to advocate for fair and equitable resource sharing and management measures that guarantee opportunities for local communities in the face of increasing natural resources overexploitation and competition from large-scale, industrial counterparts.
  • Support initiatives that enable local resource owners around Somalia get a better return for their activities, enhancing the overall social benefits accruing to local communities.
  • Promote and encourage active “gender participation” in sustainable exploitation of natural resources to secure the economic, social and cultural rights of women and implement specific measures to highlight women’s contribution to the industry; raise awareness of gender issues among public and private stakeholders; and promote professional equality between men and women in the research and innovation.

SONRREC will work towards sustainable and equitable access of natural resources and to address the of countries natural resources status. Through our collective voice we will raise the profile of these sectors with relevant decision makers, through research and innovation, to ensure that these resources can thrive for generations to come.