The Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) is a leader in natural resources research, promoting efficient management and use of natural resources in support of sustainable livelihoods. Our research is primarily focused on the sustainable use of natural resources in the fields of natural resources sectors i.e., Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Energy & Water, Petroleum & Minerals, and the Environment. We are for creating and cultivating talents all over the Somali natural resources.

In addition, SONRREC creates a platform to share the thoughts of professionals, scholars, and academicians throughout Somalia and the world. The quick review process, rich editorial boards, and quality publications have already been made. SONRREC has published books, research journals, working papers, reports, fact sheets, background papers, and policy briefs since its first book appeared in 2018. SONRREC research and publications aim to provide policymakers, researchers, academicians, the media, and all the interested public with reliable information, analysis, and recommendations.

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