Protect Critical Habitat

Human-driven climate change and Habitat loss are transmuting the world to an habitable wasteland at an astounding degree.

In the 20st century the world nature become more endangered than it ever has been in human history. Human infringement and the overall climate change have put million species at risk for extinction. From our forests, which are being lost at a rate of 37 soccer fields per day, to our coral reefs, which are already 50 percent disappeared, all ecosystems are suffering from these factors. Effects from losing these habitats – driven by agriculture, burning fossil fuels, and other human activities – have extensive significances for all species, including the human race. As some of our most biodiverse ecosystems with the largest power for carbon appropriation dissolve, we must act now to stop these mass extinction.

Throughout restoration, policy, community engagement, and education, Somali Natural Resources Research Center is on the forefronts of promoting and advocating for habitat protection and restoring essential ecosystems. From Marka, Adale where we monitor essential beaches for nesting sea turtles, to southern border of Somalia to Kenya where we restore critical habitat for the endangered plants and wildlife, to the most remote reaches of the sea where we advocate for critical habitat description, we are dedicated to model impressions into the biodiversity collapse currently underway. SONRREC will continue to safeguard the critical endangered species, but we need your help. 

How We Protect Critical Habitat

Hands-On Restoration

SONRREC has four (4) innovative community restoration projects that creates and maintains direct benefits for species recovery, water quality improvement, and ultimately – the health of people and nature.

Grassroots Empowerment

With the help of volunteers, students, groups and more and we create citizen science (CS) to improve the scientific community capacity as well as increasing the public’s understanding of science on WHY CONSERVATION MATTERS.

Promoting Sustainable Policies

Our strategic protest and advocacy campaigns impose stronger protections for endangered species and their habitat.

Environmental Education

Our Somali Blue Economy Knowledge Center has a number of activities such as beach cleanups, art installations and more raise awareness on the importance of protecting marine habitats.