Our Impact


For more than 5 years, Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) has been a leading advocate for sustainable management of Somalia’s Natural Resources, focusing on protecting both terrestrial, oceans, and marine wildlife; and saving Somalia’s endangered Species.

Saving Species

  • Worked with Somali Government to become an active member of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
  • Shut down sea turtle slaughterhouse to save more than 500 sea turtles annually and convinced the Somali federal government and member states,  and to end all legal slaughter of turtles.
  • Convinced Somali government offices to end its illegal trade in endangered sea turtle parts of luxury items.
  • Began and supported nesting beach programs in the southern Somali coast that prevented egg poaching resulting in more than thousands additional sea turtle hatchlings.

Changing Laws and Policies

  • Worked with Somali Government to prohibit Trawling and large-scale net in Somali waters.
  • Work with Somali Government to impose cutting Acacia tree for charcoal;
  • Convinced the Somali Government to prevent a proposal to lift the ban of trawler fishing vessels.
  • Worked to pioneer a Conservation effort as a method to establish its locally-managed marine area.

Hands-on Conservation

  • Restored over 100 square feet of crucial Creekside habitat for mangrove tree plantation.
  • Grew more than 90 native plants in our SOYAAL Garden Nursery to provide better habitat for endangered plants.
  • Created 1 community-based nesting beach projects in Warsheekh.
  • Helped to promote the use of LPG for households to curtail Charcoal consumption in Somalia.
  • Recruited 20 volunteers to patrol the beaches for nesting sea turtles.

Public Education and Mobilization

  • Convinced the Somali Federal Government, Federal Member States, fishing communities, and enterprises to ban pouching  Spiny Lobster during the spooning season.
  • Opened the first Somali Blue Economy Knowledge Center in Mogadishu.
  • Secured major media attention for endangered species on SNTV, DALKA Journal, and other major outlets.