Our History

Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) is a non-profit and non-governmental research center that was established in 2016. The center was founded by a group of multi-disciplinary sciences with an overall objective of supporting and developing poor vulnerable communities including small scale farmers and agro-pastoralists by conducting research and providing training and technical support on best practices.

SONRREC was founded to promote the concept of research development in Somalia. It was established to fill the gab in research on natural resources in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery and Marine Resources, Water Resources, Environment and Resilence, Petrolium and Geology sectors in Somalia followed by the International standards and best practices. 

SONRREC is a unique multi-disciplinary center of excellence by delivering high quality research, advice, teaching and training in support of Somalia food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction and dedicates to promote natural resources and environmental protection and conservation in order to empower and improve livelihood condition of the poor agro-pastoral community in Somali through research and innovations.