Capacity Development

Demonstrate & Promote

SONRREC works with our members to demonstrate the benefits the country’s natural resource sectors. Our activities aim to prove and promote the value of the natural resources to country’s economy and potential investors, and help gain commitments support for such sectors through the research and innovations.

This work contributes to advancing sustainable exploitation of Somalia natural resources sectors.

Somali Natural Resources Annual Conference, © SONRREC

Informed by science and our researchers and policy expertise, SONRREC activities in this area include:

  • Outreach Events – to ensure our work reaches as many people as possible, we regularly center of excellence by delivering high quality research, consultant advice, teaching and training in support of Somalia food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction and dedicates to promote natural resources and environmental protection and conservation in order to empower and improve livelihood condition of the poor agro-pastoral community in Somali through research and innovations.
  • Conference and Webinars  national and international research events and conferences, both presenting and hosting. Such events bring together key representatives throughout the natural resources sectors and facilitate networking opportunities and collaboration – essential to advance research and innovation projects.
  • Media Updates – we share knowledge with journalists and news channels nationally and globally so they are kept informed of the latest developments and undertakings by the center.
  • Online Sharing – our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)  provide a platform for sharing information and inspiring engagement, bringing our research publication made by our researchers and university graduates theses including our collaborative work.