CRS Partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRC) Partnership Program

Many companies across business industries are committing to reducing their impact on the environment.

In a brave effort, some multinational companies have issued statements promising the dismissal of plastic straws in an effort to reduce plastic waste. These are just a few remarkable cases of organizations that are captivating the lead in crafting a more naturally sensible company culture over eco-friendly policies.

From a business standpoint, consumers are more persuaded to buy stuffs from enterprises with a demonstrated record of social responsibility in respects to reducing their environmental impact. Budding an eco-reactive company commences on the bottom level, as it is critical for the society to believe in company’s vision and practice environmentally-friendly practices in the company in order for your mission of sustainability to categorize accordingly.

There are various accessible and cost-effective measures that SONRREC provide – a safe, innovative and mutually-beneficial partnership that companies can take to reduce the carbon footprint and affect the environmental impact.

Here are some of the sustainable initiatives that we are implementing to promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations.

  • Promote Green-friendly brands
  • Create a green thinking brands
  • Implement a recycling programs
  • Invest in botanical gardens
  • Conserve energy

We offer comprehensive, sustainable and environmentally-related projects to invest in. We  have a project directory our corporate partners can choose from. We also work with business leaders in the private sector to rear their ideas into  new environmental projects.

Our approach offers our corporate partners adapted opportunities for strategic positioning,  branding, communication and marketing,  team building, new product launch, etcetera.

We engage environmentally sustainable methods to ensure that the future generations can enjoy the natural resources of our planet in the same way as we are utilizing it. As, a result of which, many steps have been taken towards environmental sustainability to reduce the impact on the environment. Below are some of the project of environmental sustainability.

Ongoing project initiatives

  • Eco-Action project with Hotel and Airlines
  • Creating Environmental-friendly Partnerships