Consultancy Services

SONRREC is committed to provide consultancy services to the government at National and State level, Local and International organizations including UN Agencies, communities and academic institutions to manage the natural resources in a sustainable manner. We maintain high standards solutions and professionalism that meet and comply with local, state and federal regulations in the domain of natural resources management and development in Somalia. SONRREC is the most well respected research organization on natural resources in Somalia by employing the highly qualified experts in both qualification and experience. Our professional team will provide the most appropriate solutions to solve the challenges our people face.

SONRREC provides incorporated management consultancy services for government, donors, implementing agencies, private sectors throughout Somalia, assisting beneficiaries at every stage Project Cycle Management (PCM) of development projects, should it be at the level of country/regional strategy planning, project/program identification, monitoring & evaluation, or implementation, or direct support to public and private sector.

SONRREC covers a number of activities such as macroeconomics and sectoral policies, drafting of laws and regulations, policies, capacity building & institutional strengthening, organization of workshops, conferences and awareness-raising.

SONRREC provides assistance in program management, monitoring and evaluation systems, supervision of multi-projects/programs including those involving 20+ public and private organization.

Key areas of expertise correspond to primary target areas for cooperation in developing and transition, such as:

  1. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience

Key sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Sustainable forestry management & conservation
  • Food security & nutrition
  • Food safety
  • Extension / training / HR development / institutional development
  • Rural Development
  • Climate change and biodiversity
  • Sustainable natural resource management
  • Disaster risk reduction
  1. Implementation of UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Key programs:

Should you need to partner with us to move your plans from agenda into action. Please contact us on for more information.