Board of Directors & Executives​

Somali Natural Resources Research Center

SONRREC has a Board of Directors consisting of 7 members. The Board of Directors are the highest governing body of the organization and their responsibilities include: overall policy and direction setting, financial integrity and legal obligations of the organization. The Board of Directors is also responsible for strategic planning and manage resulting activities, oversees the proper implementation thereof and responsible for providing policy level guidance. The day-to-day activities are done by a highly qualified staff under the guidance and supervision of Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors appoints the Chairperson. He/She is responsible for proper formulation and execution of set policies, decisions and directives of the Board of directors.
SONRREC has its own policies and procedures such as: By-laws, personnel policies, financial management and sector based comprehensive operating manual.

Prof. Mohamud Mohamed​

Member of Board Directors

Prof. Mohamud Mohamed​

Member of Board Directors

Prof. Mohamud Mohamed​

Member of Board Directors

Board Members

Abdullahi Hassan Hussein

Abdullahi Hassan is a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) and a management committee member of the Water Security and Safety Management Specialist Group of the International Water Association (IWA), which is a Global organization and the network of water professionals striving for a world in which water is wisely, sustainably and equitable managed.

He is an expert in Integrated River Basin Water Resources Management, Disaster Resilience Leadership & Humanitarian Assistance with well-defined competencies in the areas of Agriculture Water Management, Irrigation Development and Management, Flood and Drought management, Agro-Meteorology and Early Warning System, Food Security, Resilience, climate change and who capable of developing a comprehensive insight to plan, prepare, manage and operate water, Irrigation, and Environmental projects at different scales (small, medium and large at national, regional and international level).

He worked with the government, Inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations in various senior positions. He attended and played a crucial role in many continental and global water and environmental conferences. He is also well competent in the field of Advisory or Consultancy services and Research, Formulation and development of Project proposals, strategic plan and policy, project coordination, and Report Writing. His research focused on the Water Security of Shabelle and Juba River Basins in Somalia.

Dr. Lul Mohamud Moahmed

Dr. Lul Mohamud Mohamed is a board member of SONRREC; she is Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery at Jazeera University, Head of Jazeera University Hospital Board,
ART Medical Doctor, Benadir Hospital and Paediatric Subject Lecturer, Jazeera University, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery.
Dr. Lul graduated Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, Somali National University SNU (1984 – 1988), Paediatric Post Graduate Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany (1996 – 1998).
Dr. Lul participated in many activities and services to the society through the Somali Civil Society.

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