Key Partners for SONRREC

SONRREC maintains an extensive approach to the national and international conservation agenda. It has strong ties to many international organizations as well as national NGOs and agencies in their respective countries. In addition, it takes part in regional and global discussions and activities. We carry pragmatic research solutions to public institutions, donors, development agencies, and private sectors through partnerships across Somalia – and the Horn of Africa. We partner with research institutions, think-tanks, universities across the Somalia and  world-wide and the entire research initiatives to deliver high quality, science-based results.

Government of Somalia: We believe the only way to accomplish sustainable natural resources is to collaborate together in real and mutually gained partnerships, particularly as there is insufficient capacity in any single sector in Somalia. We collaborate through formal and informal partnerships with many Government Ministries and Departments:

Universities: We maintain links with local and overseas Universities. Through these relationships, we foster scientific interest in the Somali natural resources sectors. These include support for MSc and Ph.D. students and implementing of joint projects. Our assistance has enabled Somali scientists to publish scientific papers on Somali Natural Resources Journal in the leading journals in Science and Policy.

Regional and Global Initiatives – We have taken part in several global initiatives such as the UN-SDGs.