Goals & Objectives


SONRREC focus on national challenges that must be addressed to reduce poverty, grow economies and protect natural systems:

  1. Agriculture: Ensure the Somali’s Agriculture system for self-sufficient to everyone, reduce the poverty and drive economic growth and development
  2. Livestock: Improve the livestock system from tradition way to modern system, eliminate poverty, improved the food security and increased opportunities in economic growth
  3. Fishery and Marine: Maximize production, productivity and processing of Fishery sector and secure the maritime for socio-economic development and well-being
  4. Water: Achieve a water-secure nation and reduce the national water risks through integrated sustainable water resource management to improve the economic growth and reduce the poverty.
  5. Energy: Drive the scale-up of clean , affordable energy throughout the country to deliver sustainable socio-economic development
  6. Environment: Protect communities and natural ecosystems from damage caused by environmental challenges and generate opportunities for people to be environmental friendly society.
  7. Forest and Range: Alleviate poverty, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change by reducing forest loss and restoring productivity to degraded, deforested lands.
  8. Petroleum and Minerals: Studies on how to use the country’s oil and gas resources while protecting and conserving the environment to contribute to early achievement of poverty eradication and create lasting value to society

SONRREC Primary Objectives 

  • To conduct study, research and assess the status of Somali natural resources;
  • To manage areas important for natural resources conservation;
  • To pursue scientific methods to assist official efforts for management and conservation of natural resources;
  • To expand and disseminate scientific knowledge of sustainable natural resources and educate the public;
  • To provide relevant training programs in natural resources, conservation and biodiversity;
  • To fundraise the implementation of SDGS and conservation programs; and
  • To promote partnership, cooperation between like-minded individuals and organizations in Somali natural resources.